About Us


We emphasize on interaction and engagement especially with our customers, coffee roasters and tea suppliers, with the aim to consistently improve and innovate our brewing method and knowledge of coffee and tea.

COFFEES – We offer huge variety of coffee beans from various popular coffee regions such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Columbia, Costa Rica, Kenya and others. Every month, we offer a rotation of selected coffees through collaboration with various local coffee roasters, in order to bring their best coffee beans to our customers. Stay tuned to our social media platform for any featured coffee beans of the month.

TEAS – We showcase our teas from various parts of the world, such as China, India, Australia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and others. We use STEAMPUNK® to brew the tea to extract the best flavours, and separate brewing setting is applied to different types of tea to get the best flavours. Example of our tea are Baijica, Steamlab Grey (Earl Grey), Radiant ginger, Puerh, etc. Refer to our tea menu for selection of tea leaves.

Brewing method

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle VA388 – This state of the art espresso machine is an official espresso machine for the World Barista Championship 2015 to 2017. The consistency, quality and precision of each coffee brewed from this espresso machine is unrivalled and further bridging the gap between barista and customer.

Alpha Dominche STEAMPUNK® – This futuristic machine provides unparalleled brewing technique that disrupted the world of coffee industry. They bring the brewing method to the next level for filtered coffee and tea. Beautifully designed and incorporated with highly advanced technology equipment, this machine can brew amazing, consistent and solid filtered coffee and tea.